My name is Andrew Whittam. I’m a Data Analyst.

My passion is data, I am always interested in how data can be used to help people and organisations understand more about themselves.

I have a number of years of experience in using data to help solve problems, make the best of opportunities and bring objective thinking.

To me what I do isn’t just data science, it’s also a creative process. I always seek to get Insight from what I do and present it in a usable and digestible format.

I work as a Contractor or Freelancer and am open to discussing permanent positions.

The areas I specialise in:
* Insight and Analysis
* Reporting and MI
* Visualisation
* Mapping and GIS
* Automation
* Geodemographics

The tools I use:
* SAS and WPS
* SQL (SQL Server, Teradata, Oracle, SQLite, MySQL)
* Excel VBA
* Tableau, Power BI
* Mapinfo, ArcView and QGIS

Sector Experience: Marketing, Transport, Economics, HR, Retail and Financial Services.

I am always keen to talk to people about data… click here to contact me.